Welcome to SAGA logistics solutions

SAGA is recognized for excellence in operation and personalized service in different industries.

More than 20 years of experience in logistics with teams in the sectors: aeronautical, agricultural, scientific, commercial, concrete, building, energetic, industrial, Earth movement, mining, Petroleum, health and transportation.

Extensive experience in handling and shipping personal purchases.

We coordinate operations and dispatches supporting our clients with fast and flexible professional solutions, helping to fulfill personal or industrial commitments in new or ongoing projects, regardless of size, capacity or geographic location.

With our excellent human quality, we offer a technical service, trustworthy, safe, fulfilled and on time.

We develop and apply personalized processes, using the same concept for personal emails, small business or industrial.

We create long-term relationships, based on honesty, integrity, friendship and trust, with the desire to serve and the pleasure of seeing how we all grow together.

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